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Angel in a Star with Guitar

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This enchanting little Angel with Pleated Skirt and a gold star diadem sits happily on a two-tone star and plays lovely melodies on his guitar. The joy about his beautiful instrument is written on his face: the curved body of the guitar, including the sound hole, is strung with six delicate strings that have been painstakingly attached by hand on millimeter-sized bridges. You think you can hear the angel playing ... The work of art was handcrafted in our angel workshop and consists of light and dark natural wood. The star has a metal eyelet at the top so that it can be hung with a ribbon. The details of the lovely angel in the star are elaborately designed. Decorate your Christmas tree with this filigree work of art from the Erzgebirge or hang it into your window as a decoration.


Artikel Nummer: ES 006

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app. 6 weeks


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ES 006