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Incense Smokers

As an invention of the Erzgebirge wooden toy makers, incense smokers (or "Räuchermännl", "Raachermannl") are an integral part of local folk art and Christmas customs. But this tradition also moves with the times.

In the past, incense smokers were just simple storage containers for incense cones, but today they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether as an incense smoker or incense smoking woman, traditionally or as an embodiment of various professional groups, as smoking mushrooms or smokehouses - the lovingly handcrafted figures will delight you.

Here you will find colored smoking figures, sanded smoking men, traditional smoking men and unusual smoking figures such as smoking mushrooms, smoking ovens, smoking women or smoking houses.

The Franz Karl brand figures are manufactured by us in our workshops in Grünhainichen. The original Franz Karl brand comes from Venusberg. But since 2000 we have been producing these beautiful figures at Blank Kunsthandwerk according to the well-known patterns and in the usual design language.


  • Traditional Incense...

    The classic Christmas in the Ore Mountains also includes the scent of incense, fir and sandalwood. With our smokers you can bring this scent safely and decoratively into your home. The colorful figures are made by hand in the German part of the Erzgebirge and bear the seal “Real Erzgebirge® - Wood Art with Heart”.

    We have been producing the well-known Franz Karl brand smokers in our blank workshops in Grünhainichen since 2000. We are based on the traditional shapes of the Franz Karl smoke figures, which originated in Venusberg, and develop new motifs every year.

    The traditional smokers in our range embody classic professions such as hunters, foresters or night watchmen. And we also have the “little rounds” here that find a place on every shelf.

  • Incense Smokers with...

    We offer beautiful Incense Smokers that represent different professions – the perfect gift for any occasion, not just for Christmas.

    Discover our handmade products with numerous lovely details and individual characters. They are originals from Grünhainichen and certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Traditionally Sanded...

    Our sanded Incense Smokers are something really special! When produced, their wooden bodies are first burnt, then brushed and in the end burnished. This patented production method helps showing the natural beauty of the material and makes a feature of the used indigenous woods. Sanded Incense Smokers are true pieces of the Erzgebirge.

  • Female Incense Smokers

    Who says that there are only male Incense Smokers? We also offer female smokers. We have traditional housewives with steaming dumplings, cake or coffee, and true Ladies with dogs or flower bouquets. Handmade female Incense Smokers from Franz Karl are something special. Be enchanted by those Erzgebirge originals.   

  • Pipe Smokers

    These charming, roundish Incense Smokers with Pipes from Franz Karl are another unique collection of original Erzgebirge figures which is extended annually. The Smokers are embellished with numerous lovely details and are all handmade. Be enchanted by those originals from the Erzgebirge, they are certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“.

  • Wooden Stoves

    Nothing symbolises the comfort of a home more than a warm oven. Give cosiness with the high-quality, handmade Incense Smoking Stoves from Blank Kunsthandwerk in Grünhainichen. Spread the scent of Christmas in your home by burning usual incense cones in these stoves.

    The Incense Smoking Stoves are made of regional wood and are embellished with fine details. They are also certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Fly Agarics with Chimney

    They appear to be part of a fairy tale – Incense Smoking Fly Agarics from Franz Karl spread the scent of Christmas in your home. Start dreaming and discover all the lovely, handmade details. Be enchanted by those pieces of wooden Erzgebirge Folk Art.

  • Smoking Christmas Houses

    Our assortment of Incense Smokers also contains classic Incense Smoking Houses. In form of a forester’s house or a ski hut they symbolise cosiness in cold winter days. They are original, handmade products from the German Erzgebirge and therefore certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“.

  • Smoking Gnomes

    They are reminiscent of the little, hard-working helpers from the fairy tale: these handy Incense Smoking Gnomes always have their individual tools with them to help wherever help is needed. Whether as a gardener or miner: the lovingly designed wooden figures are adorned with small details that invite you to think up stories.

  • Incense Cones

    Incense cones with your favorite scents - for all incense smokers, incense smoking women, incense smoking stoves ...

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