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Spare Parts

Is one of your angel's wings broken, or has one of your flower children lost its hat? Do you need a replacement for the candle holders of your christmas pyramid or a new fan wheel? No problem! You will find any replacement part for our products right here.

We also offer different accessories to our products. You will find candles, cuffs for wax candles, tea light adapter units and  a lot more.

Wir bieten aber auch diverses Zubehör zu unseren Produkten an. Sie finden Kerzen, Lichtmanschetten, Teelichthalter und vieles mehr.


  • Catalogues + Vouchers

    Sit down in your favourite spot, relax and discover the product range of Blank Kunsthandwerk and Franz Karl with our printed catalogues. Or just mark the progress of your collector's passion within the Blank collector's booklets.

    Find all the printed publications here.

  • Clouds

    Your collections of Blank Angels with Pleated Skirts and Flower Children are most effectively presented on the wooden Angel Clouds which are also expandable. They are available in different sizes and colour variants so that you will surely find the right one for your taste

  • Angels

    Find replacement parts and accessories for our wooden Angels with Pleated Skirts.

  • Flower Children

    Your wooden Flower Children have lost a blossom, or just a hat? Here, you will find replacement parts...

  • Candle Arches

    You Candle Arch does not glow any more? Surely, a light bulb is defect. We offer the right lights.

    You will further find accessories like support stands, podiums or wire hangers for Hanging Angels.

  • Christmas Pyramids

    We offer accessories and replacement parts for all Christmaspyramids from Blank Kunsthandwerk and Franz Karl. Should you need a part which is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Candle Holders

    Accessories and replacement parts for Blank Candle Holders. Should you search for a part which is not listet here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Lighting

    Light bulbs, candles or cuffs for wax candles - find everything you need to let Candle Arches, Christmas Pyramids and Candle Holders shine.

  • From our Store - "Aus...

    Browse through a selection of genuine Erzgebirge products that we offer in our "Kunststube" shop in Grünhainichen. All of these products come from local artisans and are made with the utmost care and quality.

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