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Seasonal Decoration

The wooden toy maker from the Erzgebirge loves to make people happy. This is especially true in Christmas season when his handmade products bring tradition and comfort to your home. But his work delights people in spring, summer and autumn, too: a little birthday present with our Congratulants, a special wedding gift with our charming Wedding Couple, the sound of memories with beautiful Music Boxes or joy for collectors with merry Flower Children. The toy maker offers a great variety of ideas. - so discover our assortment!


  • Flower Children

    Blank wooden Flower Children proudly present what Mother Nature has to offer: gentle spring flowers, magnificent summer blossoms and autumn fruits. In doing so, they are wearing their famous pleated Blank skirts that make them fresh and unique. They are collector’s items, little gifts for every occasion and will accompany you throughout the year. The figurines are all handmade in Grünhainichen and certified “Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Easter Bunnies

    When a long Erzgebirge winter ends, spring begins with Easter season. New live awakes outside and new colours revive your spirits. Within all this joy come our Easter Bunnies, playing happy music on their tiny instruments while wearing their bright Pleated Skirts. Some of them are sitting under the first spring flowers, others already colour easter eggs. Our figures are all handmade and certified „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Figures for all the...


    Blank figurines are the right present for every occasion. Little Congratulants embellish your coffee table, a happy Wedding Couple literally feels above the clouds, Confirmands, Children Starting School and little Gift Givers carry joy and soon become part of your family heirloom. Delight your beloved with handmade originals from Grünhainichen, Erzgebirge.

  • Music Boxes

    Music Boxes from Blank Kunsthandwerk in Grünhainichen fascinate on so many levels. A precise mechanism embedded in a handcrafted corpus made of indigenous wood gives it a distinctive sound. The elaborate designs of the music boxes with their individual, filigree paintings make them real treasures of craftsmanship.

    Dancing Blank Angels with Pleated Skirts carry the sound of Christmas to your home and revive memories. Flower Children and Lantern Children spread a little joy and happiness on warmer summer days.

    All Blank products are certified „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from Erzgebirge).

  • Golfer

    In 1990 our former product designer invented wooden Golf Figures. He was an active golfer himself and found a way to represent his leisure sport within traditional craftsmanship.

    That way, he developed five male Golfer, one female Golfer and the cheeky Raven Krax. They were all named individually like Uncle Albert, Sweet Emmy or the Creature of the Lagoon and can be placed on a specific Fairway, too.

    They form a really special gift.

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