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Angels with long Robes

Our unique Christmas Angels with their beautiful long robes will be an eye-catcher in your home. Whether in groups or alone - they will always look special.


  • Long Pleated Robes,...

    Unpainted Blank Angels with Long Pleated Skirts are available just since 2013. Before that generations of toy makers could not produce those long robes in the given quality, because non-cutting shaping of wood is tricky. The Angels are handmade in Grünhainichen and are certified „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Long Pleated Robes,...


    Coloured Blank Christmas Angels with Long Pleated Skirts bring shine and festiveness to any Angel Choir. They are completely handmade and combine Erzgebirge craftsmanship with regional tradition. Our products are certified „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge).

  • Angels with Long...


    The skilfulness of wooden toy makers is best shown in pure, uncoloured products. The long, plain robes of these Blank Angels reveal the natural wood grain at its best. Like the figurines, the different instruments of the Angel Musicians are made of indigenous woods which makes them an Original from the Erzgebirge.

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