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Candle Arches

They are not only a traditional Christmas living room decoration made of wood and are best displayed in a winter window. Above all, the candle arches from BLANK Kunsthandwerk offer the appropriate setting and plenty of space for the presentation of your collection of original Erzgebirge angels with pleated skirts from Grünhainichen. Matching your angel orchestra we offer the candle arches in heavenly blue and white or in natural wood. But whichever design you prefer, our candle arches are child-safe to operate due to their electric lighting - and now equipped with modern LED-lights.


  • Candle Arches, natural

    Traditional, unpainted Candle Arches that are produced by hand in our workshop in Grünhainichen. Be enchanted by these real wood products and take a piece of Erzgebirge to your home.

  • Candle Arches, coloured

    Handmade, coloured Candle Arches – the perfect frame for our BLANK Angels with Pleated Skirts. They are produced in Gruenhainiche and certificated:„Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge). 

  • Candle Arches Blank

    Discover beautiful Christmas Candle Arches, specifically designed as presentation space for your little wooden Angels with Pleated Skirts. Collectors will find the right version for their Angel Choirs: natural wooden Candle Arches, or heavenly blue ones – certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge). 

  • Candle Arches Franz Karl

    We offer a range of traditional Candle Arches displaying typical nativity scenes. The are carefully handmade in our workshop and are certificated „Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz“ (Original from the Erzgebirge). 

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