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Christmas Angels


Our Christmas angels with pleated robes have been enchanting collectors and aficionados from all over the world for more than 60 years now. They are traditionally crafted by hand in our manufactory in Grünhainichen, Germany.

Certificated "Echt Erzgebirge® - Holzkunst mit Herz" (genuinely made in the Erzgebirge) - handmade in Germany.


  • Angels with Short...



    Georg Beyer designed the first wooden Angel already in 1948! Now, more than 70 Angels with Pleated Skirts are playing in the Angel Orchestra. They are available coloured or natural and are all traditionally handmade in Grünhainichen, Erzgebirge.


  • Angels with long Robes
    Our unique Christmas Angels with their beautiful long robes will be an eye-catcher in your home. Whether in groups or alone - they will always look special.
  • Hanging Angels


    It is tradition to decorate your home with evergreens in advent season. Handmade Blank Hanging Angels, available in natural wood design or coloured, will show off perfectly in this environment. But these little treasures of Erzgebirge Craftsmanship are perfect gift tags or small presents, too.


  • Angels in a Star
    These enchanting Angels are sitting in a Star and play heavenly melodies on their instruments or carry little Christmas items. They are available in different sizes and colours and are crafted by hand in Germany.
  • Large Angels


    Our famous Blank Angels with Pleated Skirts are also available in sizes of 20 cm and 50 cm - an extraordinary Christmas Decoration, indeed.

  • Special Editions


    Be enchanted by the Special Editions from Blank - Kunsthandwerk from the Erzgebirge. Discover those extra-ordinary products in limited numbers. They are produced in our workshop in Guenhainichen and are a special treat for enthusiats and collectors.

  • Angel Clouds


    Handmade cloud shaped presentation bases for our angel figurines and extensions for the angel clouds made of natural wood or painted - everything to draw a special attention to your angel collection.



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