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Annual Edition

 Very special pieces of our assortment that are produced for a limited time period. Annual Editions are the special highlights for our dear collectors. They are only produced in the release year and are the perfect addition to the great Angel orchestra.

Annual Edition 2016  Angel with Tree of Life. Released for the official opening of the new business building in September 2016. Produced until December 2016.
Annual Edition 2017 Angel with Ladybug. A little present for any time. Only produced until December 2017.
Annual Edition 2018 Angel with Flower of Life. Well known ornament and energy symbol. Produced until December 2018.
Annual Edition 2019 Angel with Lucky Dice. Two dice in a box with plate and date of the year. Produced until December 2019.
Annual Edition 2020 Angel "Lucky Charm". With hat, toadstool and clovers. Produced until December 2020.
Annual Edition 2021 Angel with Lucky Key. Filigree key with symbolic BLANK logo. Produced until December 2021.
Annual Edition 2022 Angel with Moon&Stars. Golden stars and a moon on darkblue ground. Produced until December 2022.
Annual Edition 2023 Angel with Rainbow. A colourful rainbow next to a skyblue cloud. Produced until December 2023.


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