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New Products

Discover our latest products!

No matter, if Angels with Pleated Skirts, traditional Incense Smokers, or wooden Flower Children - we will always find new ideas for you.


  • New Products 2024
  • New products 2023

    This year we are introducing an angel that will certainly become a new eye-catcher in every angel collection: the angel with pleated skirt and piano. It is accompanied by two angels with a djembe and a bouquet of flowers. But there is much more to discover: flower children, Easter bunnies and incense smokers. Enjoy browsing!

  • New Products 2022

    This year, our Angel with Pleated Skirt plays an impressive Aida trumpet. It is not only as big as the angel itself, but also very delicate. Another angel with a softly sounding bell stick complements the large angel orchestra.

    Of course, there are many other new things to discover!

  • New Products 2021
  • New Products 2020

    There is reason to celebrate! The latest Angels with Pleated Skirts are ready with drums, a holiday wreath and a magic hat. In addition to dancing Easter Bunnies and a lively gnome gang, they are the highlights of our collection this year. Discover what's new here!

  • New Products 2019

    In 2019, a classic will be relaunched for the instruments and a very unusual instrument is introduced. Our Angels with Pleated Skirts® are again equipped with filigree accessories and convince with great attention to detail.

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