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Incense smoker "Tax Accountant"
  • Incense smoker "Tax Accountant"

Incense smoker "Tax Accountant"

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Elaborately crafted smoke figure with loving details: the tax accountant calculates with concentration on his balance sheets, which he enters in a notepad in his hand. With a striped tie, gold buttons on the dark blue jacket and black bowler hat, he really makes a competent impression. This is also emphasized by the big cigar in his mouth. If desired, the tax advisor will also blow small clouds of smoke into the air, all you have to do is light an incense cone and place it on the small metal plate inside the figure.

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Wooden incense smokers, which are equipped with fragrant incense cones, have been part of the Christmas tradition in the German Erzgebirge for many decades. The figures are not only useful wind protection for the burning incense cones, but also real testimonies of Erzgebirge craftsmanship, which reflect the experience and knowledge of many generations of wooden toy makers. Many figures represent observations from the everyday life in the Erzgebirge region and, thanks to the wit and creativity of their builders, invite you to discover details and tell stories. Often the figures show certain occupational groups or are intended to illustrate conspicuous character traits and habits. In any case, they are a welcome gift idea for any occasion.


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