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  • EK-M 012
EK-M 012 Angel with Short Pleated Skirt and Wishlist
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  • EK-M 012 Angel with Short Pleated Skirt and Wishlist
  • EK-M 012 Angel with Short Pleated Skirt and Wishlist
  • EK-M 012 Angel with Short Pleated Skirt and Wishlist

Angel with Short Pleated Skirt and Wishlist

(tax incl.) plus shipping and handling Delivery Time:* 3-5 days

Special edition from the group "Christmas Dream" 

A wish list belongs to Christmas like a decorated Christmas tree and loving gifts. Of course, our Angel with Pleated Skirt also thought about that - checking his own with a knowing smile. Hopefully he has not forgotten anything on this noble, blue paper. The Angel belongs to a group of exclusive figures for the members of a specialist trade ring, and is therefore not available in every specialty shop. The Angel with Pleated Skirt is lovingly handcrafted from local woods in our angel workshop and filigree painted by our experienced employees. As an Erzgebirge original, it has the certificate "Echt Erzgebirge. Holzkunst mit Herz®".

height: 7 cm
width: 4,5 cm
depth: 5 cm
colour variant: natural
basic material: wood
information: Sonderedition
Delivery Time: 3-5 days


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Some angels are busy on a small cloud: they decorate a lush Christmas tree with bells, where the candles are already shining. The little angels work hand in hand - one Angel with Pleated Skirt decorates the tree with golden Christmas balls, while another kneels next to him and hands the tree decorations out of a box. A third Angel with Pleated Skirt has brought a little horseman, which he probably wants to put under the tree in a very decorative way. Finally, another angel arranges the bells on the tree. A small Angel with Pleated Skirt with a Teddy Bear gazes at this scene with wide eyes. Accompanied by a "colleague" with a Model Train in his hands, which he probably wants to run under the tree - just as many people know from their childhood. And what else would make a perfect gift? The Angel with Pleated Skirt of 2020 is also thinking about this with a big, blue wish list.

The group of figures is elaborately handcrafted in our angel workshops in Grünhainichen and is available in variants of natural Angels with Pleated Skirts, coloured Angels with Pleated Skirts and Angels with Long Pleated Robes. Of course they are certified, original handicraft products from the German Erzgebirge!

EK-M 012